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  • 1st Dec Last day of Swimming

    Please make sure all payments are up to date....

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  • 7th Dec Book Awards Years 1-5

    Book Award Assembly begins at 9 am...

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  • 20th Nov

    Swimming begins. Please remember bathers and...

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Lunch time games

Every Wednesday the library is opened to students. During this time there is a range of board games, construction materials and educational based toys available for students to play with. These activities enable students to learn co-operate strategies, socially interact with others and learn skills in a fun environment. For more information on the importance of games:


100 Days of School

On the 25th July, it was the 100th Day of School at Brookman Primary. Parents were invited to join their children in a special breakfast club sponsored by FoodBank and Bill Johnson. Afterwards, the children taught their families how to play a card game. Cards are a fantastic way to learn maths. They are fun and allow children to learn through social interaction. Children learn to recognise numbers, add, subtract and multiply in card games. A pack of card is an inexpensive game that most families can afford.

Other activites for the 100 Days of School Celebration included the junior primary finding things that weigh 100 marbles, making towers out of 100 blocks and making number equations that add to 100. ‘Zero the Hero’ paid a visit to the classes to provide the zeros to make the number one hundred. It was a fantastic day, with a great turnout by the parents.

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Keyboard & Guitar Lessons On School Campus….

Small Group & Private Lessons for students in years 1 to 6!
• Please ENROL TODAY – via PMI’s website OR enrolment forms available at your school front office!
• Lessons are held once per week on school campus – typically during the school day !
• Only $15.95 per child per small group lesson (2-5 students for 30 minutes)!
• Our small group lessons provide a fun and affordable opportunity to learn instrumental music!
• Private lessons also available ($32.95 per child for 30 minutes)!
• Learning plan for all students via “PMI Stars” program – structured objectives with progress visibility!
• PMI teachers supply keyboards and textbooks for keyboard lessons (students bring their own guitars)!
• Ten minutes per day of practice at home is all that is required to see improvement!!
• Instrumental music can improve your child’s school results – including for reading, maths, coordination!
• Limited spaces available – so please enrol ASAP!       P: 1300 362 824       E: